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Informing, advising and mediating of contacts

In the past mandate the members of AACC were active on various congresses and cross border meetings - both on state and community levels. AACC is lobbying on the field of tourism, agriculture, protection of environment and technology. Since in Austria basicly federation units are deciding about financing of EC projects, the contract with the Carinthian government is of essential importance, because it guarantees also the Slovenian minority an equal access to cross border cooperation with neighbor countries.
AACC has in this moment 90 members-58 individuals , 15 companies, 3 banks and 14 communities.


- in September 2002 in Velden a lecture held by the then Slovenian secretary of European affairs and actual European commissar dr. Janez Potočnik
- in November 2002 the then Slovenian secretary of economic affairs dr. Tea Petrin visited Carinthia. We organised a working lunch where our partner companies had opportunity to discuss various topics with her
- in December 2003 the Slovenian secretary for structural politics and regional development Zdenka Kovač met Carinthian businessmen while visiting Carinthia-the initiative for this meeting came from AACC.
- in July 2004 a lecture was held by Slovenian secretary of European affairs mag. Milan Cvikl.

Cooperation on community level:

- successful termination of project with the community Brda about wine tourism between Brda and Carinthia.
- finalisation of project about the use of wooden biomaterial with the community Tržič. In this moment the project about long term cooperation between Lake Side park, Klagenfurt and the planned technology park in Tržic is in preparation.
- following the initiative of AACC the communities Bled, Slovenia and Velden, Austria concluded a brotherhood agreement.
- realization of project of preparing models of investments for better exploitation of biomaterial with community Slovenska Bistrica
- with initiative of community Celje AACC is following the project of transport infrastructure , which is of substantial importance for Carinthian inhabitants , namely the planning of construction of the motorway between Celje and border crossing Holmec/Bleiburg.
- just recently AACC made for the Secretary of regional development the comparison study with analysis of using EC funds from group incentive INTERREG III Austria-Slovenia 2005-2006.

AACC Managing board:

Bernard Sadovnik (president), Gerhard Weis (vice-president), mag.Filip Warasch (secretary-general), mag.Štefan Lesjak (financial affairs)
Members of AACC enlarged board:
Walter Fischer, DI Patrick Luh, DI Johann Ogris, mag.Vladimir Polzer, mag.Tina Rabl, dr.Igor Roblek, mag.Michael Schmidt, dr.Marjan Šturm, Željkica Vincek Pascuttini, and Toni Rifelj.




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