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Villach Fair 2012
For higher quality living standard of older people

The Daily center for activities and the Information office for older people are active in the frame of the Austrian-Slovenian Social Network (ASSO) in Globasnitz. The coordinator of the Center and of the Office, Mag.a Jasmine Gutovnik, presented the activities and the plans of this project, led by Bernard Sadovnik.
The cross-border social network intends to improve the living quality of senior citizens in Austria and Slovenia. Beside the Institute for promoting inovativity and culture Hevreka! In Ljubljana as the main partner, the project partners are also the City Association of retired persons Ljubljana, Social d.o.o., Celje, the Establishment for intergenerational contacts from Mozirje and two Austrian partners - the Association of Carinthian Slovenes and the Alps-Adriatic Centre for Cross-border co-operation (AACC) from Klagenfurt. more ...


Partnership meeting and 10th year jubilee in Velden

At the occasion of 10 years long partnership between the municipalities Velden am Woerthersee and Bled the first partnership meeting of municipalties from Upper Gorenjska and Carinthian municipalities from the districts Villach Land and Klagenfurt Land was held last Friday at the municipal office in Velden – under the title »Intercultural dialogue as a chance for regions Carinthia –Slovenia«.
At this first network meeting the possibilities of cooperation among the municipalities in the frame of the new EU programme period 2014-2020 on the fields of tourism, economy and energy and the further development of the municipality partnerships and the exchange of citizens were discussed. It was also stated that a formally structured cross border working group should be formed and developed.
The President of the AACC Bernard Sadovnik stressed that by the means of a formal and obligatory unification of the municipalities a substantial improvement of future applications and implementations of EU projects is provided, in such a way the intercultural dialogue also in Carinthia will be deepened.
The President of the Association of Municipalities and Mayor Ferdinand Vouk stressed the necessity of close partnerships in the united Europe and underlined the excellent - already 10 years lasting partnership between Bled and Velden.
The partnership meeting continued with the ceremony of the Municipality Velden at the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the partnership between Velden and Bled, and concluded with a pleasent and frendly socialising.


Without borders meeting in Slovenia

The President of the Carinthian Association of Municipalities Mayor Ferdinand Vouk with the AACC delegation visited the Municipality Gorenja vas-Poljane

In the sense of stronger cooperation among the municipalities of Carinthia and Slovenia and also from the aspect of neighbourhood solidarity yesterday the President of the Carinthian Association of Municipalities Mayor Ferdinand Vouk with the delegation of the AACC (Bernard Sadovnik, President, Mag.Filip Warasch, Secretary-General, Peter Lapanje) visited the Municipality Gorenja vas-Poljane, which was last week affected by floods causing enormous damage.

The Mayor of the Municipality Gorenja vas-Poljane Milan Čadež showed the delegation some places of the natural catastrophy , however he also used the opportunity to mention the positive economic development of this municipality. First of all he stressed the very low unemployment rate (5%) and the positive effects of the development programme against migration from the countryside. In this connection he mentioned the successful results of the agricultural marketing and the functioning of the small enterprises, which result in the low oscillation of the employees.

The Carinthian delegation visited also the excellent world known company Marmor Hotavlje and some other internationally renowned companies.

The President of the Carinthian Association of Municipalities Mayor Ferdinand Vouk was very impressed of the positive economical development of the region and promised to be on one side helpful in finding the Municipality Gorenja vas-Poljane a partner municipality in Carinthia and on the other side to support in future strong municipality cooperation among Carinthian and Slovenian municipalities, also in connection with the mutual strategy at acquisition of EU funds in the new Programming Period 2014-2020.

The President of the AACC Bernard Sadovnik mentioned that his organisation will be also in future active in supporting the Carinthian Association of Municipalities and its members at deepening the cooperation with the Slovenian municipalities.
Furthermore the members of the Carinthian delegation were also the Assistant Manager of the Carinthian Association of Municipalities Martin Hafner and the member of the Market town Velden/Vrba board Mag. Štefan Lesjak.

Kötschach-Mauthen: Cheese Festival 2014

Municipality of Brda Slovenia was the partner of this year's Cheese Festival in the Carinthian municipality Kötschach-Mauthen. Also present were the mayor of the partner-municipality Franc Mužič, the mayor of Kötschach-Mauthen Walter Hartlieb and the Secretary-General of the AACC Mag. Filip Warasch.


Austrian-Slovenian social network

The project partnership will- in the frame of the second priority (Continuous and proportionate development) establish the cross-country social network in the period from April 1st, 2014 to March 31st, 2105. The cross-country social network will enable the transfer of ideas, services and staff among bordering regions and will therefore improve the life quality of the elder population in Slovenia and Austria. The project partnership consists of:

Inštitut za širjenje inovativnosti in kulture Heureka ! from Ljubljana as the leading partner and of project partners:
The Alps-Adriatic Centre for Cross-Border Co-operation (AACC) from Klagenfurt,
Mestna zveza upokojencev Ljubljana,
Social d.o.o. from Celje,
Zavod za medgeneracijsko povezovanje Zlata leta from Mozirje
and The Associaton of Carinthian Slovenians from Klagenfurt.

The partners will establish the center for daily activities Globasnitz, which will- with its diversified contents and programmes – ensure the elder people active connections to social surroundings and the preserving of psychophysical condition. The center will become a meeting point of intergenerational coexistence and cooperation. The project will be lead with the aims to improve services for elder people in cross-border regions, to increase cross-border cooperation in the field of the culture and intergenerationally and to preserve cultural and linguistic heritage of Slovenia and Austria.


Visit of International Fair MOS in Celje

Upon invitation of the City Municipality Celje and the Celje Fair Plc , the representatives of the AACC , Secretary-General Mag. Filip Warasch and Financial Advisor Mag. Štefan Lesjak visited the opening celebration of the 47th MOS Fair.
In his opening speach The President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor called for optimism, because two macroeconomical factors show that the crisis in Slovenia is coming to its end. At the same time he warned that it is necessary to be cautious, since Slovenia still faces big problems of indebtedness of the companies and their too slow prestructuring, the banks however are still leading a very conservative politicy of granting loans. He concluded with the words: »If we are smart, brave and united enough , we will be able to move things in the right direction.«
The representatives of the AACC used their time after the ceremony for discussions with the Mayors of Celje region, additionally Štefan Lesjak had- as a member of the Supervising Board of KABEG ( the company for managing the Carinthian hospitals) a meeting with the director of the Celje General Hospital Mag. Marjan Ferjanc.

Carinthian energy plan presented in Slovenia

The Carinthian State Counsellor Rolf Holub (The Greens) presented recently in Kranj to 27 Slovenian Mayors from Gorenjska and Posocje and to numerous specialists from the field of energy the Carinthian basic plan for the procurement of energy- the energetic masterplan.
As Holub said after the presentation, the municipalities of the mentioned regions want to select a similar way as Carinthia, namely to provide the energy from renewable sources (photovoltaic, small power plants, biomass).

Villach Fair also in 2014 a societal event

Highlights of the Slovenia-day in Villach, which is co-organized by the AACC.

Working visit in Gornji Grad

On July 23rd, 2014, the Mayor of the Municipality Gornji Grad Stanko Ogradi met the member of the Board of the AACC Mag.Filip Warasch and Mag.Štefan Lesjak. They evaluated their cooperation in the past, however primarly they discussed the future plans- on the field of tourism and economic cooperation and as well on the field of performances of cultural associations from the Municipality Gornji Grad in Carinthia. The Municipality has been since years closely connected with the Municipality Maria Saal in Carinthia and is the member of the AACC since 2002..

(to the photo gallery click on the image)

Stanko Sadjak successfully exhibits in Brda

At the occasion of 10 Anniversary of the entrance of the Republic of Slovenia to the European Unity and in the frame of the Municipality holiday The Municipality of Brda and the AACC invited to the vernissage of the artist Stanko Sadjak from Traundorf under the motto »Challenges« , which was held in the Castle of Dobrovo. At the opening ceremony more than 100 guests were present, among others mayors and representatives of cultural sphere and economy from Slovenia, Italy, Austria and Croatia. At the opening the Mayor of Brda Franc Mužič stressed the importance of cooperation and connections in the nearby regions. The President Bernard Sadovnik highlighted the positive cooperation of the Municipality of Brda with partner municipalities in Austria, especially with the organisations of Slovenian national minority in Carinthia. Mag.Raimund Grilc presented the successfull activities of the artist Stanko Sadjak , who is renowned abroad, too. The vernissage was musicly rounded by the saxophonist Anej Golob. Among the guests from Carinthia also the Mayor of Bleiburg Stefan Visotschnig and the Vice-Mayor of Klagenfurt Albert Gunzer were present.
The exhibition in the Castle of Dobrovo is open till 6 August.


Poljane Valley- the land under the Blegoš Mountain

Historical reports about this valley go back to the year 973, when the German emperor Oton II. gave a part of the valley , together with Škofja loka , to the Freising County in Bavaria, which was reigning in the area till the 19th century. Today the region is known after its unspoiled nature and numerous delicacies offered by the inhabitants.
Upon invitation of the AACC the Mayor of Municipality of Gorenja vas-Poljane , Milan Čadež, visited the Mayor of Municipality of Velden am Woerthersee Ferdinand Vouk, who is also the actual President of the Carinthian Association of Municipalities , to discuss with him the partnership with one suitable Carinthian municipality.
The area of the Municipality of Gorenja vas-Poljane is 153 square kilometers big, with 7.200 inhabitants , there are 73 settlements. The Municipality Board has 17 members . In the heart of the Škofja Loka hills there are many walkings trails and bicycle routes , which offer wonderfull sights on nearby hills in all times of the year. There are also numerous farms , where you are offered bread from domestic oven, pastry, cheese, honey and brandy, you can also buy woolen products, hand made laceware and wooden items.
The village Hotavlje, which is west from Gorenja vas, is especially renowned after the nearby marble company Marmor, where it is possible to watch the underground exploatation of the stone and its transformation.
Near Hotavlje there is a thermal spring with temperature of 23,4 degrees C, its water cures skin diseases, at the spring a small swimming pool is open since some years, a project to build a thermal resort is in course.

Cherry Festival 2014 in Villach, Klagenfurt and Globasnitz/ Globasnica
(to the photo gallery click on the image)

Austrian companies in Slovenia not satisfied with tax system and employment laws

As per report of the Slovenian Press Agency, the majority of the representatives of Austrian companies (63%) , which are active in Slovenia, estimate the situation in the Republic of Slovenia as considerably bad.

The asked representatives are not satisfied with the Slovenian tax system, low flexibility of the Employment Relationships Act, fight against corruption and criminal and with the payment (un)discipline, however they are rather satisfied with the efficiency of public sector, public tenders and calls and with the level of employees.

In order that Slovenia becomes more attractive for investments, the asked persons mentioned the following measures: the stabilisation of the political conditions, flexibility of the employment laws, adjustment of the tax system, elimination of administrative obstacles, fight against corruption and more openess and transparency.

Austrian companies are with six billions Euros the biggest investor in Slovenia.

Quickly and reasonably
from Klagenfurt to Ljubljana

Some weeks old is the bus connection between Klagenfurt and Ljubljana. The bus of the private company Alpe-Adria-Line connects the two towns four times daily from Monday to Sunday. The connection is financially supported by the Carinthian Government.
More information under
The connection has not only initial difficulties, there are also resolutions against it from the side of Carinthian Defense Fighters Union (KAB) and the Freedom Party of Austria ( the leading party in Klagenfurt).

Sehr geehrte Herren,

am vergangenen Samstag brachte der ORF in der Sendung "Bundesland heute"
auch einen Beitrag über eine Sitzung des Kärntner Abwehrkämpferbundes.
Diesem war zu entnehmen, dass der Kärntner Abwehrkämpferbund an die
Kärntner Landesregierung appelliert, die erst kürzlich eröffnete
Busverbindung von Klagenfurt nach Laibach wieder einzustellen (die im
Übrigen meines Wissens privat betrieben wird), da diese "nur zum Teil
ausgelastet sei". Geschätzte "Abwehrkämpfer", entweder ist das ein
verspäteter Beitrag zum Kärntner Fasching, oder Sie haben es in den
vergangenen Jahren verabsäumt, auf den Kalender zu blicken: wir
schreiben nicht mehr 1945, sondern 2014! Oder aber der Beitrag lief
vielleicht unter dem inoffiziellen Motto: Brett vorm Kopf
(wahrscheinlich deutsche Eiche)?

Mit einem freundlichen "Lei lei" oder wie immer Sie sich grüßen

Horst Hiebl

Contact Committee between Carinthia and Slovenia revived

Ten years ago the Committe had its last session, now "the mutual Commitee Slovenia-Carinthia" will meet again on April 25th in Brdo by Kranj. The Carinthian delegation will be led by the Country Governor Dr. Peter Kaiser and by the President of the Association of Carinthian Municipalities Ferdinand Vouk (also a member of the Board of the AACC). The Slovenian delegation will be presided by Karl Erjavec, the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Three sections will be formed on the following fields:
Space networking, preservation of nature and efficient use of natural resources
Networking of inhabitants
Economy, rural area , tourism

Talks in Bleiburg about traffic between Carinthia and Slovenia

On the seating of the Carinthian Government , which was held on April the 4th, the Counsellor of the Greens Rolf Holub reported about his recent meeting with the Slovenian Minister for Infrastructure Samo Omerzel in Bleiburg.

They agreed upon closer cooperation between the two countries. In the future more should be done on both sides regarding regional traffic and international connections.


International Conference about education in Klagenfurt

Upon invitation of the Government of Carinthia and with the assistance of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe an international conference was held on March 31st and April 1st in Klagenfurt, where more than 100 participants were present. Among lecturers on the thema: "Education-the most important investment in our youth" were beside political representatives ( Carinthian Governor Dr. Peter Kaiser, the Minister Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek, the President of the Carinthian Council Reinhart Rohr ), the Rector and the professors of the University in Klagenfurt , the President and the representatives of the Congress of the Council of Europe and the new President of the management of the company Infineon Sabine Herlitschka.

"The unification of science, politics and economy on wide basis will be unevitably necessary", said the Carinthian Governor in his final speech. Therefore it is necessary , that the political representatives are being educated continuosly and that they become brave enough to form concepts for the transfer of theoretical knowledge to praxis. It is well known that Klagenfurt has one of the highest number of abiturients in Austria, however they go apart and do not find their way back to Carinthia. Mrs.Herlitschka named the following factors for the success in the future: education-research-inovations.

The members of the AACC were also present, namely the Delegate of the Greens Mag. Zalka Kuchling, the former Director of the Slovenian Gymnasium Dr. Reginald Vospernik, Dr. Miro Polzer /AA/ and Mag. Filip Warasch.

Slovenia presented its premium wines in Klagenfurt

The GAST Fair for the catering trade in Klagenfurt became a popular Alps-Adriatic fair, where this year also the Slovenian wines from Goriška brda, Vipava valley and region Jeruzalem-Ormož were presented. At wine tasting their quality convinced numerous representatives from politics and social life.

Carinthian Country Governor Dr. Kaiser sees opportunity for Carinthia in Alps-Adriatic region and in Balkan

On March 12th - one year after being elected as the Carinthian Country Governor - Dr. Peter Kaiser evaluated the done work in the Club Carinthia in Vienna with the words: "We put things in the correct direction, however we are in no case satisfied".

The Governor mentioned three projects , which are in front of the coalition (Social Democrates, People's Party and the Greens) till the year 2018: the change of the Carinthian constitution, the end of new indebtments and significant savings at government expenses and employment.

As the positive results Dr. Kaiser mentioned the high social stability and the safety in the Country and the exceptional position of Carinthia on the meeting point of the three Transeuropean trade regions ( Balkan, Alps-Adriatic region and Danube region). The further development of the Alps-Adriatic region and the Balkan should be decisive for the coming future of Carinthia, meant Dr. Kaiser and expressed the forecast, that therefore Carinthia will place all its resources and engagements in this direction..


Working meeting about revival of "Vila Vipolže" in Brda

Upon invitation of the Municipality Brda a meeting was held in Vipolže on Thursday, February 13th, 2014. Participants at the meeting were representatives of institutions, which will participate in the formation of the programme of 'Vila Vipolže´ and representatives of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.
The meeting began with the viewing of the building, afterwards continued with presentations of idea designs of the new complex graphical scheme of the center and finally concluded with definitions of the first mutual projects in the Year 2015.
The project will bring to the region additional cultural, congress and educational initiatives. From the side of the AACC Bernard Sadovnik, Mag. Stanko Polzer and Mag. Filip Warasch took part in the discussion about the mentioned project.

Assembly of the AACC- Alps-Adriatic Centre for Cross-border co-operation: Competency Centre for Southeast Europe- the focus of future work will be based on cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina

On Wednesday, December 11th, 2013, the AACC held in its premises in Klagenfurt its regular assembly, where members from Austria and Slovenia were present.
The President Bernard Sadovnik stressed in his report the successful four years of activities of the Centre, especially on the field of cross-border projects between Austria and Slovenia. One of the main tasks was the netting and the cooperation among municipalities from Slovenia and Austria. Also some Austrian companies were able to enter the markets of Slovenia and the other countries of former Yugoslavia with the support of the Centre. Present members of the AACC greeted the successful cooperation of the Centre with the Carinthian Country and the cooperation contract, concluded already in 2012 between the Sarajevo Canton and the AACC.
In future the AACC will even more orientate itself as a competency center for Southeast Europe to institutional cooperation of regions and municipalities in this area. In front of these tasks is the cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially with the Sarajevo Canton. Accordingly the AACC assembly elected with all votes into the new Executive board besides the former President of the Government of the Posavina Canton Mijo Matanović (now delegate in the federal parliament) also the former President of the Government of the Sarajevo Canton Fikret Musić and the President of the Association of Austrian-Bosnian Friendship , Nedžad Ajnadžić. Also the Mayors Ferdinand Vouk (Velden, Austria) and Franc Mužič (Brda, Slovenia) will participate in the Executive board.
Bernard Sadovnik and the former superintendant of ORF Gerhard Weis were reelected as the President and Vice-President. The Secretary-General remains Filip Warasch.


First meeting between Holub and Slovenian Minister of Environment

"Geopark Karavanke- Karawanken" , in which five Slovenian and nine Carinthian municipalities are included, was this year accepted in the net of European and global geoparks –as the first geopark of the region. The intention of the working association of the geopark is over border informing of the population about the tasks of the association and including of soft tourism to this field. The final task should however be the economical growth of the whole region.
In the frame of the celebration ,which was held these days in Mežica (Slovenia), the first meeting of the Carinthian Counsellor for environment Rolf Holub and the Slovenian Minister of Environment Dejan Židan took place. Both agreed upon a profound discussion about mutual initiatives in the near future. Bernard Sadovnik, the President of the AACC and also the Vice-mayor of the municipality Globasnitz , was present at this meeting, too.


Strengthened cooperation between Brda and Kötschach-Mauthen

The numerous delegation of the municipality Brda, led by the Mayor Franc Mužič , visited the Cheese festival in Kötschach-Mauthen consecutively for the third time on September 28th. This Festival which attracts many cheese producers from the whole Austria and also from the neighbouring Italy, has become the true culinaric ambassador of the region Upper Gailtal.
Obviously inhabitants of both places like to meet themselves,a proof is that many cultural groups from Kötschach-Mauthen regularly participate at the Cherry festival in Brda.
Filip Warasch from the AACC was present at this event.


General Consulate of Republic Slovenia initiated cooperation

The Slovenian General Consul in Klagenfurt Dragica Urtelj invited to the opening of the 3rd painters exhibition aWindow of art to the neighbour´ of artists Bojan Bensa and Vesna Cadež. The opening was held at the Slovenian Consulate in Klagenfurt with culinarical tastings of specialities from Dolenjska region and with the signing of the intention to strengthen the cooperation between the Carinthian and Slovenian operator of the net of accomodation for young people. The new Slovenian Ambassador in Vienna, Andrej Rahten, was also present at this occasion, in discussion he invited the member of the AACC Filip Warasch to visit him in Vienna.


We will intensify cooperation

On August 2nd, 2013 the Vice-Governor of Carinthia Dr.Gaby Schaunig accepted the the delegation of the Alps-Adriatic Centre (AACC). In the discussion , which was held in a very relaxing mode, we agreed upon more intensive cooperation. AACC will continue with its role of connecting Carinthia with political and social structures in Slovenia and in the other countries of former Yugosavia.



Villach Fair- Good luck, Carinthia; Hello, Slovenia

On the programme of the week of old customs in front of Villach Town Hall in the frame of the Villach Fair were music, old customs and delicacies from neighbour countries Slovenia and Croatia. Music groups from the regions took care of excellent mood.
On the photo from the left: Richard Pfeifer, Jože Vahtar, Toni Mežan, Helmut Manzenreiter, Bojan Homan, Boris Filigon, Miran Gorinšek and Filip Warasch


Event of seventh Julius-Kugy Award

On Tuesday, June 11th, 2013, The President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia Dr. Ernest Petrič received this year's Kugy Award from the Association of Carinthian Slovenians.
The Secretary-General Mag.Filip Warasch and the Financial Advisor Mag.Štefan Lesjak were also present at this ceremony and congratulated to the prizewinner in the name of the Alps-Adriatic Centre.

From the left: Mayor of Municipality Eisenkappel Jožef Smrtnik, President of the Association of Carinthian Slovenes Bernard Sadovnik, Brigadier Willibald Liberda ( third Kugy awardee ), Prof.Dr. Ernest Petrič, Minister for Relations between the Republic of Slovenia and the Slovenian Minorities abroad Tina Komel, Asis. Prof.Dr. Herta Maurer-Lausegger ( sixth Kugy awardee ), Vice-President of the Association Mag. Zalka Kuchling and Vice-President of the Association Dr.Reginald Vospernik.


First wind power plant in Slovenia with Carinthian support

At historical moment- the start of the operation of the first wind power plant in Slovenia on June 1st, 2013 also the Carinthian State Counsellor for Environment Rolf Holub was present. With his visit he stressed the importance of the cross- border cooperation. The Counsellor was extremely satisfied with the fact that at the construction of the plant also the Carinthian company AAE took part. The Counsellor Rolf Holub was among others accompanied by the State Assemble delegate Mag. Zalka Kuchling and the President of the AACC Bernard Sadovnik.


Festival of cherries in Carinthia very successful

In spite of bad weather more than 1000 cherry lovers gathered in Klagenfurt, Villach and Globasnitz to taste besides this fruit also the wines of Brda, the Karst ham and the valuable olive oil.
The visitors were entertained by the group »Briški harmonikarji«, the cherries however were sold in very short time.


AACC will cooperate also in future with Carinthian State Government

The representatives of the Alps-Adriatic Centre (AACC) recently met the First Deputy Governor of the State of Carinthia , Dr.Beate Prettner and agreed upon future cooperation on the field of social projects. At this occasion the AACC representatives presented their already finished cross border projects.

Carinthian Country Governor accepted AACC delegation

On Monday, April 29th, 2013 the Carinthian Country Governor Dr. Peter Kaiser accepted the delegation of the Alps- Adriatic Centre for a talk, mainly regarding the role of the Centre at connecting Carinthia with Slovenia and with other countries of former Yugoslavia. In the delegation there were the President Bernard Sadovnik, the Secretary-General Filip Warasch and the Financial Advisor Štefan Lesjak.
Also the second President of the Carinthian State Assembly Rudolf Schober was present at this meeting.


Minister Grilc: increase cultural cooperation

The Minister of the Culture of the Republic of Slovenia Dr.Uroš Grilc accepted the unified delegation of the AACC and SKS . In the delegation were besides the President Bernard Sadovnik also Mag.Filip Warasch , Mag.Štefan Lesjak and the Mayor of Brda Franc Mužič for the Centre and Mag.Stanko Polzer and Katja Urak for SKS.
The partners discussed the variety of possibiities for cultural cooperation between the Republic of Slovenia and the organisations of Slovenian minorities in Carinthia. They stated that also the cooperation between Slovenia and the Carinthian Country Government should be reinforced. The Minister Grilc stressed the importance of educating the junior management and exposed the new financial perspective given by the EU. The castle Vipolže in Goriška Brda ( now under reconstruction) could have a significant roll in this context.

Sadovnik visited Posavina Canton

Upon invitation of the President of the Government of the Posavina Canton (Bosnia and Herzegovina) mag. Marijan Orsolić the President of the AACC Bernard Sadovnik visited this Canton on April 4th, 2013. He was accompanied by Mijo Matanović, the member of the AACC Board and the member of the Federal Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The discussion was held about definite economic and other projects, which will be reinforced with the entry of Croatia to EU. They agreed to continue the discussions and to present the Canton at the international conference ,whiih is in preparation. Since some time the Posavina Canton is the member of the AACC

A lot of attention to Leisure Fair

Over 50.000 visitors paid their attention to the Leisure Fair, which was held from 5th to 7th April in Klagenfurt. At the opening ceremony Slovenia was specially presented by the Director of the Slovenian Tourist Organisation in Austria, Jan Ciglenečki.
The Carinthian Country Governor, dr.Peter Kaiser, who opened the fair oficially , spent significant part of his time at the booth of the Municipality Brda and discussed- together with the Country Counsellor Rolf Holub- with the Mayor of Brda Franc Mužič and the AACC representatives future cross-border projects.

Meeting with new Prime Minister of Slovenian Government

The President of the AACC Bernard Sadovnik met during his visit in Planica on Saturday , March 23rd, 2013 the newly appointed Prime Minister of the Slovenian Government, Alenka Bratušek. They both agreed to continue good relationship with the Government in future, too.
On the photo beside them also the Mayor of Kranjska gora Jure Žerjav.

Opening and development of the GAST has to serve as a model for policy

The future Carinthian Country Governor dr.Peter Kaiser opened the 45th GAST fair on Sunday, March 17th, 2013.
The development of the GAST fair should be an example for the new politics in Carinthia; it is necessary to strengthen openness, transpareny, tolerance and respect of others.
»Politics with sense of responsibility should tell in future very precisely what we can afford », told in his speech, partly also in Slovene language, Kaiser and continued : » We should spend no more money than we have «.
At the opening ceremony of the GAST fair also the Secretary-General mag. Filip Warasch and the Financial Advisor mag. Stefan Lesjak were present.

Mag.a Zalka Kuchling, member of AACC, delegate in Carinthian Assembly

Mag. Zalka Kuchling was elected at the elections in Carinthia for the State Assembly on the list of Greens, the elections were held on March 3rd, 2013.
The State Assembly Delegate Zalka Kuchling is among other functions the minority speaker of the Greens in Carinthia, the first Vice-president of the Association of Carinthian Slovenes and the member of the AACC.

Anton Warasch, a member of the AACC from the very beginning, recently celebrated his 80th birthsday.
The AACC' s Board sincerely congratulates the retired post clerk for his personal holiday wishing him many healthy years in the future.
Beginning of new cooperation

"We can talk about a new historical meeting" said the Carinthian Country Governor Gerhard Dörfler after he finished discussions with The Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia Janez Janša in Ljubljana, on January 8th, 2013. Ljudmila Novak, the Vice President of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and The Minister for Slovenians abroad was present at this meeting, too.
Janša passed Dörfler the interest of the Slovenian national group for the soonest possible beginning of full activities of the Forum for Dialogue and for a systematical solution of the financing of the Slovenian musical school in Carinthia.
The politicians also discussed the building of infrastructural connections between Slovenia and Carinthia , the cooperation on economic and sports sector and the usage of European funds.
The President Janša also listened very carefully to the discussion of the Governor about Euroregion "Sensa Confini" among Carinthia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto.
Both sides agreed that this first meeting was only a start of an intensive cooperation between Carinthia and Slovenia.

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